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1440P 4G Body Worn Camera M510

1440P 4G badan dipakai kamera M510

Kamera badan RECODA dengan WIFI GPS 4G pilihan 10 jam peranti masa kerja ciri-ciri: Ambarella A12 Chipset Super Clear 3 2 Megapixel Camera 3000 MAH Battery, 8 jam masa kerja benar 1440 P Super HD Video satu sentuhan rakaman 140 bidang. Produk ini menawarkan ciri-ciri dan fungsi yang luar biasa pada harga kamera yang dipakai oleh badan yang kompetitif. Jika anda ingin membeli kamera badan keselamatan untuk dijual, Recoda adalah pilihan yang baik untuk anda.

Ciri-ciri kamera 1440P 4G yang dipakai badan M510

  • Ambarella 12 Chipset WIFI Super jelas

  • Kamera 32 megapiksel

  • Bateri 3000 MAH, masa kerja 11 jam

  • Benar 1440P Super HD Video

  • Rakaman satu sentuhan

  • 140 ° bidang pandangan

  • Pilihan penglihatan malam inframerah

  • Rakaman acara pra dan pos

  • Termasuk perisian

  • ID pengguna, tarikh & masa setem

  • IP 65 air, drop dan shock-resistant

  • 32GB/64GB tersedia

  • Built-in 4G WIFI GPS pilihan

Specifications of 1440P 4G Body-Worn Camera M510 





Ambarella A12A55

Top pixel

21 M(6144x3456 16:9) (5M/8M/10M/12M/16M/21M)

Video Format

H.264 .AVI/MPEG4

Fast forward

2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X

Audio Format



User ID, Time, and Date Stamp Imbedded into Video.


21 Megapixel Camera option with optional burst shot(3 or 5 photos)

Storage Capacity


Pre-record function

≥10s, pre-record.

Last-record function

≥10s last-record

Video section


Red IR switch


Audio guide





Support (Build-in) optional




LTE/FDD Mode, Real-time Live View Stream, Point to Point


802.11 b/g/n application support, live view stream, playback video files, download video, control, and setting operation


LCD Screen

2 inch TFT-LCD High-Resolution Color Display

Audio Playback


Video Output

HDMI 1.3 Port

Video Transfer

USB 2.0


Recording Angle

Wide Angle 140 degrees

Night Vision

Up to 10 Meters with Visible Face Detection





Built-in 2400mAH Lithium

Charging Time

180 minutes

Battery Life

10 Hours

Battery Level

Visual Indicator



96 mm *62 mm *31mm (2.91” * 1.83” *0.93”)


160g (5.64oz)

Working Temperature

-40~60 degrees Celsius

Why We Need 1440P 4G Body Worn Camera M510

Enhanced Video Quality

The 1440p resolution provides higher image clarity compared to standard 1080p cameras. This improved resolution allows for better identification of details, such as facial features or license plate numbers, which can be crucial in investigations or evidence gathering.

Increased Field of View

The M510 body cameras for citizens likely offers a wide-angle lens, allowing for a broader field of view. This wider perspective enables capturing a larger area and provides more context in recorded footage, which can be valuable for law enforcement, security personnel, or other professionals.

Reliable Connectivity

The inclusion of 4G connectivity in the M510 body cam for sale allows for real-time transmission of video footage. This feature enables live streaming of events, immediate backup of recordings to cloud storage, facilitating faster response times and improved situational awareness.

Mobile and Portable

Body cameras for citizens for sale, like the M510, are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, ensuring minimal hindrance to the wearer's movements. This portability allows personnel in law enforcement, security, or field operations to record incidents or interactions conveniently, ensuring that critical events are captured accurately.

Applications of 1440P 4G Body Worn Camera M510

The 1440p 4G Body Worn Camera M510 has various applications, including those related to body cameras for citizens and their sale. Here are some examples:

Law Enforcement

The M510 police cameras for sale can be used by law enforcement agencies to equip their officers with body cameras. These cameras help capture accurate and reliable evidence during interactions with the public, enhancing accountability, transparency, and trust between law enforcement and citizens.

Security Personnel

Private security firms or individual security personnel can utilize the M510 for surveillance, patrol duties, or crowd management. 

Field Workers

Professionals working in fields such as construction, utilities, or maintenance can use the police body cameras for sale to document their activities and ensure compliance with safety protocols. As a professional body cam company, Recoda produces portable and connective body cam salesM510 which allow for real-time communication and remote assistance, enhancing efficiency and safety in the field.

Event Management

Event organizers or venue operators can deploy the M510 police body cam for sale for crowd control and incident management.

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